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The 12 kata of Seitei-gata Iaido of ZNKR are:


  Seiza no bu (Seated Set)


1. Mae (To the Front)
後ろ 2. Ushiro (To the Rear)
受け流し 3. Ukenagashi (Take and give back)
Tatehiza no bu (Half-Seated Set)
柄当て 4. Tsuka-ate (Strike with the handle)
Tachiwaza no bu (Standing Set)
袈裟切り 5. Kesa-giri (Diagonal cuts)
諸手突き 6. Morote-tsuki (2 handed thrust)
三方切り 7. San-po-giri (3 direction cuts)
顔面当て 8. Ganmen-ate (Strike to face)
添え手突き 9. Soete-tsuki (Companion hand thrust)
四方切り 10. Shi-ho-giri (4 direction cuts)
総切り 11. So-giri (Many cuts)
抜き打ち 12. Nuki-uchi (Draw & Cut)

The above videos are ZNKR Iaido (Seitei) kata with Noboru Ogura. A clear demonstration and explanation about the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei kata which are performed in Iaido.

The grading points as discussed by Kim Taylor on his website The Iaido Journal are mirrored here both for the reiho and kata. The each contain pictures to show the points to help perform them correctly.

Points for Reiho

Points for Kata

Passes all round

At the 2013 BKA Summer Seminar, in Stevenage  Nick passed his Yondan and Chris & David are now Ikkyu. However none of us were successful in the Koryu Taikai.

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