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Telephone: 07967332418


If you're interested in joining the Sussex Iaido Club then please contact us using the information above. We're happy to accept enquiries from complete beginners and experienced students alike.

Your first session will be completely free of charge. Thereafter our monthly membership fee is £30.
There is also a charge for insurance, which is due yearly. This is paid to the British Kendo Association and is currently set at £45 for full membership although concessionary fees are available. they do offer a trial membership of £10 for 3 months, which is taken into account if you change to the full years membership.


Students of Iaido (Iaido-ka) begin their training with a wooden training sword (Boken or Bokuto) and soon after start practicing with a metal training sword called an Iaito. Only once the student has reached a suitably high standard, will s/he be able to use a sharpened steel sword known as a Shinken.

As Iaido employs the use of real weoponry, training is normally concentrated on individual practice. Paired training of techniques is undertaken with wooden practice weapons.

Passes all round

At the 2013 BKA Summer Seminar, in Stevenage  Nick passed his Yondan and Chris & David are now Ikkyu. However none of us were successful in the Koryu Taikai.

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