Sussex Genbukan

Welcome to Sussex Genbukan Iaido Club

Welcome to the home page of the Sussex Genbukan Iaido Club. We practice the art of Iaido and are registered and insured with the British Kendo Association (BKA), which is the official governing body for Iaido in the UK.

The Sussex Genbukan Iaido Club is a non-profit making organisation recently established to help promote the art of Iaido in the Southeast of England. We hold training sessions in Pevensey Bay (East Sussex) and Sompting (West Sussex).

Koryu - Tsukikage at Stevenage, August 2012

Passes all round

At the 2013 BKA Summer Seminar, in Stevenage  Nick passed his Yondan and Chris & David are now Ikkyu. However none of us were successful in the Koryu Taikai.

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